Stalin, young adult and revolutionary agitator

Apocalypse : Staline - Episode 1 : Demon (english version)

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Stalin, young revolutionary

In 1898, he's 20 years old. He has changed. He provokes the authorities, he refuses to cut his hair, he lets his beard grow out. He reads forbidden books, Zola or Victor Hugo who speaks out against social injustice. He is expelled from the seminary. In 1901, he joins the underground social democrat party and he is immediatly spied by the czar's secret police. At this time, he discovers Karl Marx's writings, who along with Friedrich Engels, had written the communist manifesto in 1847. This texts call for the end of the private property and capitalism. Exhorting the workers of the world to unite and join together in armed revolution. Marx denounces the exploitation of men by men.

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Réalisateur : Isabelle Clarke, Daniel Costelle

Producteur : Clarke Costelle & Cie

Production : 2015

Diffusion : 2015

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