Stalin approaches the power after the October revolution in 1917

Apocalypse : Staline - Episode 1 : Demon (english version)

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Stalin gradually gets an importance

During the summer of 1917, the bolshevik influence spreads throughout the country thanks to Lenin's slogan "I promise you peace, land and bread". Leon Trotsky, 38 years old, is a brilliant marxist intellectual who has returned from exile in Paris and New York. Nothing about him is proletarian. Everything about him is despised by Stalin. He is a talentuous orator while Stalin is uncomfortable in public. Trotsky is skilled to rally the crowds to the bolshevik cause. To get rid of the bolsheviks, the provisional government launches a wild spread police raid. Eight hundred bolsheviks are arrested including Trotsky. Lenin escaps to Finland. Stalin stays behind and becomes Lenin's messenger and gains in importance.

Réalisateur : Isabelle Clarke, Daniel Costelle

Producteur : Clarke Costelle & Cie

Production : 2015

Diffusion : 2015

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