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The Twins' Podcast, 3e - Fights for fun

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Les retards de Tom

Stacey: Yeah, but we’ve been waiting here for an hour! I wanted to see the movie!

Kyle: Do you want to go... I don’t know... bowling?

Stacey: It’s always like this...

Kyle: He's not answering his cell…

Stacey: I don’t know what to do!

Kyle: What do you want to do?

Tom: Sorry guys, I missed the bus...

Stacey: You missed the bus?! We've been waiting here for an hour! How many buses did you miss exactly?

Kyle: It's alright... He's here now! We thought you had forgotten. Why didn't you text us? Don't tell me you lost your cell phone…

Tom: No I didn't. And I didn't forget! It’s just that... well, I was busy… and there aren't many buses running on Saturdays… and... look I'm sorry we missed the movie.

Stacey: You say you're sorry but you're always late! You just can't be bothered to show up on time!

Kyle: Hey! No need to get upset, there's nothing we can do about it now, so...

Stacey: I’m sick of it! You act like your time is more important than ours.

Tom: No, I don't!

Stacey: We agreed to go to the movies at three, so that means you should be here at three… not at quarter past four!!

Tom: Look, I’m sorry we missed the movie ok?

Kyle: Come on guys! Let's not argue, we'll just wait for the 5:30 show… How's that?

Tom: Sounds perfect.

Stacey: Yeah… Ok.

Kyle: Come on... Let's get some drinks while we're waiting...

Tom: Ok, see? I'm early now!

Stacey: Don't push it! And you're buying the drinks!

Tom: Okay, that’s fair enough!

Producteur : Éditions Didier

Production : 2014

en partenariat avec
Éditions Didier

Produite par les Éditions Didier, leader sur le marché des manuels scolaires en langues vivantes, la série The Twins’ Podcast répond aux niveaux de compétences décrits dans le Cadre européen commun de référence pour les langues et relève des niveaux A2 / B1 (fin du collège et début du lycée). Les épisodes sont visionnables avec l’option sous-titrage en anglais pour établir le lien entre graphie et phonie.

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