Let's eat - Introduction

The Twins' Podcast, 4e - Let's eat...

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Envie d'aller au restaurant à Londres ou New York ? Les Twins' Pocast vous donnent le vocabulaire nécessaire !

Tom: Hi all! This is the Twins' Podcast! I'm Tom…

Rose: and I'm Rose, Hi everybody! As you can see, Tom loves his food!

Tom: So true!... And that's why we're gonna teach you…

Rose: how to order food and drinks in English. 

Tom: and in American English!

Rose: Of course! Let's invite our friends Kyle and Jessie!

Tom: Yeah! So stick around!


Let's eat... at the chippy's with Rose and Tom, at the diner with Jessie and Kyle, at the food hall with Rose and Tom, at the food truck with Jessie and Kyle.

Producteur : Éditions Didier

Production : 2014

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