Here are Jessie and Kyle!

The Twins' Podcast, 4e - Who's who?

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Qui sont Jessie and Kyle, les amis américains de Tom et de Rose ?

Jessie: Hi I'm Jessie… or I go by Jess!

Kyle: Yo, I'm Kyle… and I go by Kyle.

Jessie: Real funny Kyle! We're from New York… The Big Apple.

Kyle: Jess's from Brooklyn and I'm from Queens.

Jessie: But we live in London now…

Kyle: Oh yes, and the english accent is quite delightful!

Jessie: Ok, your english accent is so terribly bad!

Kyle: Yeah, but my american accent is amazing!

Jessie: Anyway… I'm 25 and my immature friend here Kyle is 24

Kyle: So, about young dynamic ME… I'm real sporty, I go jogging every morning… and I'm a huge Mets' fan. The Mets are a very famous baseball team from Queens, NY. Let's go Mets! Go!

Jessie: OK… I love music. I can play the guitar and the banjo and the fiddle, and the saxophone…

Kyle: And she can sing… her voice is beautiful!

Jessie: Oh thanks Kyle. I mean, a compliment from him… Wow!

Kyle: Yeah well, it's true… Now, more about me. I have three brothers, one older and two younger. We are a family of boys!

Jessie: I don't have any brothers but I have a half-sister and a step–sister. So here's my dad and here's my mom and here's me. Then over here we have my mom and her new husband Brian, and then Brian has a daughter named Amy so she's my step-sister and… er… oops… there's Claire. Claire is my half-sister because my mother and…

Kyle: Hey… TMI! TMI! Too much information! We gotta go now!

Tom: Hey guys, thanks… Bye!

Rose: Bye, see you next time…

Jessie: Bye.

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