Don't pick flowers!

The Twins' Podcast, 4e - Respect the rules

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Périple en Australie : ne pas cueillir de fleurs

Tarra: G'day there! How is it going?

Tom: Hi! I'm good thanks…

Tarra: I'm Tarra, the local park ranger… I patrol this area to keep an eye on you visitors!

Tom: Ok!

Tarra: And… I've seen something that's just not right.

Tom: What do you mean?

Tarra: The flowers… Who picked them?

Tom: I did. They're for my scrapbook…

Tarra:  For your scrapbook! I can't believe this! Are you kidding me? Obviously, you haven't read the sign. Leave no trace - Leave what you find! Let me explain something to you… Flowers are precious… you must respect them, which means you shouldn't pick them because they may not grow again… Is that clear? Can you imagine if every tourist, every camper, every visitor picked flowers for their scrapbooks!! Just think about it for a sec, mate! 

Tom: Ok! I'm sorry, I won't do it again…

Tarra:  It's best that you don't… Hooroo … I'm off now!

Tom: Bye…

Producteur : Éditions Didier

Production : 2014

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