La poésie avec Esteban le requin

The Rich Morning Show

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Pratiquez l'anglais en regardant les vidéos d'apprentissage The Rich Morning Show. Aujourd'hui, Esteban le requin vient sur le plateau pour lire son poème sur les quatre saisons.

Titre original : Poetry with Esteban the shark 

Esteban the shark joins The Rich Morning Show to share his poem about the four seasons.

RICH: Good morning animals! It's The Rich Morning Show. Today is the third day of the week, weird wednesday! Woo-hoo! We have got a big show today! Let's meet our guest, a shark who reads poetry?! Please welcome Esteban the shark!

ESTEBAN: Winter has the coldest months, and the trees, they seem almost to smile in the breeze. In the springtime, the flowers blossom, this is a season that is quite awesome. The summer brings sun and heat, and I think to myself, I need meat. Finally, the autumn comes with falling leaves, but I must swim away, it's time to leave.

RICH: Thank you so much Esteban. That was beautiful. What was that poem about?

ESTEBAN: My poem is about the four seasons... and meat.

RICH: Thanks for sharing that with us. Esteban the shark, everyone! Have a good morning animals and see you back here tomorrow on The Rich Morning Show!

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