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Apprenez à parler la langue anglaise avec les videos The Rich Morning Show. Aujourd'hui, Octavia la pieuvre donne une leçon de cuisine.

Titre original : Cooking a fresh goulash – The Rich Morning Show

For magic Monday, your host, Rich Morning welcomes Octavia the octopus for a cooking lesson on how to make a fresh goulash.

RICH: Hello animals, and welcome to the Rich Morning show. It's magic Monday people! Today our very special chef is going to cook a very special dish. Please welcome Chef Octavia the Octopus!

OCTAVIA: Hello to all the little animals!

RICH: Hello!

OCTAVIA: Today I will teach you how to make fresh goulash!

RICH: Goulash?!

OCTAVIA: Here I have a nice plate of earthworms!

RICH: Yes, but are they fresh? OCTAVIA: Of course, just listen to them! Can you hear them?

RICH: Yeah. Cool!

OCTAVIA: Next, the most important ingredient: the hair from a wild yeti. You must have this hair!

RICH: Ok, ok!

OCTAVIA: If you don't, then your goulash will have no taste!

RICH: That's no good!

OCTAVIA: Let's put everything in a big bowl, the big bowl in the oven.

RICH: We have an oven?

OCTAVIA: Now we wait for 12 hours... Voila! Who wants to taste?

RICH: Pavel!? What are you doing here?

OCTAVIA: Oh! My goulash!

RICH: Don't cry Octavia! It's just magic. Pavel is becoming a yeti! Cool! Thanks again Octavia for that Magic Monday goulash. Join us tomorrow for a terrific Tuesday show!

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